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BOB - O'Coolio of First Avenue / Janssens (B)
BOS - Karishma Della Bassa Pavese / Salamon (I)

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2018 - R.A.L.I.E. Nationale d'Elevage - FIWC Winner Show

The « Rassemblement des Amateurs de Lévriers d'Irlande et d'Écosse » (R.A.L.I.E.) is honoured and thrilled to organise the next international Irish Wolfhound Congress. A very special event as it is the first to be held « worldwide ».

We have long being convinced of the need for an international cooperation to face the problems of the breed. The whole team of the French breed club is very motivated to make this weekend a memorable day.

In 2006 we already had the opportunity to organise the Congress (European at that time) in the most beautiful spa resort Le Touquet.

Le Touquet - EIWC 2006
Le Touquet EIWC 2006

With this positve experience in mind we decided to return to the same place, because we are convinced that those who attended 12 years ago and expressed their satifaction, would like to come again.

In order to make this event a success, we need a huge participation af all the breeders and fanciers of this beautiful and noble breed. We trust that you will accept the invitation of France and we shall be ready and happy to ensure that you have a memorable weekend and will introduce you to a beautiful area.

Dr Frédéric Maison

R.A.L.I.E. - Rassemblement des Amateurs de Lévriers d'Irlande et d'Ecosse
FIWC - Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs


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Lois J. Thomasson

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Irish Wolfhound


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Mr Tamas Jakkel,

Mr K. O. Wille,

IW: Mrs Jenny Dove,

Mrs Joan Wragg.


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The judge of the Scottish Deerhounds of the Club Breed Show will be Mrs Joan WRAGG, U.K.
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