1. Clause of non-liability

The Rassemblement des Amateurs de Lévriers d'Irlande et d'Ecosse - hereafter mentioned by its official abbreviation R.A.L.I.E. -, takes the utmost care as to the editorial content of the internet-site (sub-domain) fiwc2018.ralie.fr. These internet-site (sub-domain) of the R.A.L.I.E. is constantly controlled by the webmaster.

The R.A.L.I.E. can, at any moment and without any previous notice, change and/or make the required modifications/alterations related to its internet information(s).

The R.A.L.I.E. declines all liability as to the inappropriated or fraudulent use of the informations on her site.

2. Copyrights and intellectual rights

The copyrights are subjected to the rules of the french jurisdiction and laws.

The logos, the layout and the source-codes, the documents, editorials, pictures, videofiles or others represented on this internet-site are protected by copyright and remain the material and intellectual property of their respective authors.
Particular items are third-party property and as such clearly mentioned in the source-code.

The documents, editorials, pictures, logos, diagrams, videofiles and others, have been placed on the site with the permission of their respective owners/authors.
If documents, editorials, pictures, logos, diagrams, videofiles or others, have been placed on this site without permission, please immediately contact the webmaster, enabling to remove them from the site or obtain permission to publish them in mentioning their source(s).

It is not allowed to modify the content of this website, whatever item involved, wholly or partially.
The partial use is this site is solely allowed with the consent of its or their respective author(s).

3. Links

a) The fiwc2018.ralie.fr website authorizes hypertext links pointing to its contents under the following conditions:
• the hypertext link should mention the target material in an explicit manner (fiwc2018.ralie.fr);
• no deeplinking, i.e. no material on the fiwc2018.ralie.fr web pages may be built into the calling page, but shall open in a new window when called.

b) The internet-site fiwc2018.ralie.fr has links to other internet-sites not resorting under its supervision. The R.A.L.I.E. declines all liability as to the contents of these links or the links of these sites to others.
The existence of links to one or several sites, including the links established within these sites, do not necessarely or automatically refer to the existence of any association, partnership or membership whatsoever.

4. Privacy Policy

• No personal information will be gathered without your knowledge.
• No personal information will be distributed to third parties.

5. Hosting

The internet-site (sub-domain) fiwc2018.ralie.fr of the R.A.L.I.E. is hosted by Hosteur.com, sarl AB Connect, Avenue des Déportés 2 à F-13100 Aix en Provence (France).