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211 Irish Wolfhounds * 57 Deerhounds

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2018 - R.A.L.I.E. Nationale d'Elevage - FIWC Winner Show


Sunday 10 June, SHOWS (FIWC 2018 Irish Wolfhounds • R.A.L.I.E. Club Breed Show Scottish Deerhounds).

      •  8.00 am - Entry of the dogs.
      •  9.00 am - Judging of the dogs.
      •  3.00 pm - Main Ring.

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, the FIWC Winner Show (CAC) will take place on the ground of the Hippodrome du Touquet (in conjunction with the National Club Show of R.A.L.I.E.).

The following judges have been invited and gave their agreement:

Irish Wolfhound

2018 - R.A.L.I.E. Nationale d'Elevage - FIWC Winner Show

FIWC 2018 - France, Le Touquet
BOB - O'Coolio of First Avenue / Janssens (B)
BOS - Karishma Della Bassa Pavese / Salamon (I)

Tamas Jakkel (H) - France - Le Touquet

Mr Tamas JAKKEL, Hungary. President of the Hungarian Spaniel Association and the Hungarian Kennel Club's Judges'Board. He will judge the adult dogs.

I was not born into a "doggy" household but as my parents told me I started to ask them for a dog when I was 4. I've got my first one in 1972, when I immediately became a member of the Hungarian Kennel Club.

I am a breeder ever since, started with English Cocker Spaniels, later on combined with all size of short-haired Dachshunds and also Magyar Agárs in the recent years. I also successfully competed with my Poodle. I've bred and owned 30 World, a couple of dozens European winners and over 150 FCI International Champions. Based on the intention and "pressure" of my mentor, Dr.Tibor Bródy,
I became an FCI judge in 1985 and immediately had been invited to major Shows as a judge. I have been officiating in most of the major FCI, KC, CKC, ANKC, AKC events in over 80 different countries. I've judged Best in Show in almost all of these countries including an FCI European Show and World Show.

Besides my activity as a breeder and a conformation judge I couldn't resist to constantly express my opinion related to our profession. That is how I also became involved in "diplomacy". I was the President of the Hungarian Spaniel Association for 24 years and recently the President of the Magyar Agár Section in Hungary. I was in the Committee of the Hungarian Kennel Club's Board in the time when Dr.Tibor Bródy was our President. I am the President of the Hungarian Kennel Club's Judges' Board since 16 years. I was also the Vice-President of the FCI Judges Commission. I officiated as a Board member of the FCI European Section for 8 years being also elected as its Vice-President in the last 4 years of this function which I have been retired from when I have been elected to be a member of the FCI General Committee in 2009. Having been decorated with several awards I am proudly wearing the FCI Gold Pin. In all my activities I remained firstly and most importantly a breeder and a down-to-earn dog owner trying to act according their interests. I know from my experience what kind of hard work and how many shadows are behind every single second of succes under the stage lights. Without the - often sacrificing- hard job of our breeders we could NOT held dogshows, could NOT own good dogs, and I was NOT able to judge FIWC WINNER SHOW, which I am looking for to do.

Knut Olav Wille (N) - France - Le Touquet

Mr Knut Olav WILLE,  Norway (O'Marksbay IWH) will judge the adult bitches.

I became the proud owner of my first Irish Wolfhound as a 16 years old kid in March 1979.

The breed was totally unfamiliar to me until, as a 14-year old, I was allowed to do a daily walk with a magnificent Irish Wolfhound male. When this dog sired a litter, his owner Ingun Hinna (kennel McKenzie) and her then husband, offered me their pick of the litter as a gift. This is how Ylva came into my life just after my 16th birthday. I felt privileged living with her for nearly seven years.
Before the age of twenty, I had already three Irish Wolfhounds, and I have through the years been true to this breed only. I had my first litter in 1991. In 2004 my partner Øivind Berg Larsen joined me as a co-owner of kennel O’Marksbay.
I have always had several dogs, and today we have nine dogs living with us in the house. We also have four cats, chickens, ducks, peacocks and honey bees. My own breeding has not been for quantity. In all of my litters the intention has been to keep a puppy for future breeding.
In 2005 I became the first Norwegian breeder judge. So far I have judged in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England and twice in the US, at Potomac Valley and in Lompoc.
I am really honoured to be invited to judge at the FIWC show in France, and for the second time in the former EIWC/FIWC’s history.

Jenny Dove (UK) - France - Le Touquet

Mrs Jenny DOVE, U.K. (Saringas's IWH) will judge the Youth classes dogs and bitches.

Jenny Dove has lived and worked all her life with dogs. As a child she grew up with Afghan hounds in the family boarding and grooming business. She gained fame initially as a handler, then from 1968 as founder of the very successful « Saringa » kennel, where, in addition to Afghans, she bred and sussessfully showed Wolfhounds and Borzois. Her first Wolfhound was a stunning bitch that Jenny  fell in love with after judging in Swords, Eire in 1980. Ch. Sinead of Cu Uisneach very quickly won her championship title in the UK and mated to Ch. Nutstown King initiating the « Saringa » Wolfhounds.
Over the years Jenny produced very few litters, and only when there was room for another youngster to be shown.The main highliht came when Ch. Saringa's Mr Micawber won the « Contest of Champions » and also winning the Group IV at Crufts. Jenny is also the breeder of Canadian Champion Saringa's Mr. Cratchit, the Hungarian champion Saringa's Mr Dawkins and American champion Saringa's Mr Magwitch, all winners of the « Best Wolfhound of the year » in their respective countries.
Jenny has judged extensively at Championship shows since 1976, including Crufts in 1992. In 2015 at Crufts she judged 2 breeds, the Greyhouns and the Hamiltonstovare. She is now accredited to judge the Hound Group. She has also judged Wolfhound specialty shows in the UK, in the USA, in Finland, Germany, Sweden, France (R.A.L.I.E.) and recently in Melbourne, Australia, as well as the Canadian Specialty and the Norwegian Sighthound Specialty in 2015.
At home she has one beautiful black male, Mr. Niall (bred by Rémy Erath of Green Ireland Wolfhounds, Switzerland), who is the official mascot for the London Irish Rugby team. He attends all the home games in his fancy green coat, and he also has the privilege of leading The Mayor of London's St.Patrick Day Parade from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square!

Scottish Deerhound

R.A.L.I.E. - NE 2006 - France - Le Touquet

R.A.L.I.E. - Nationale d'Elevage 2006 - France, Le Touquet (PDF - results IW + DH)
Best of Breed & Best Opposite Sex

On Sunday, June 10, 2018, the Club Breed Show of R.A.L.I.E. will take place in conjunction with the FIWC Winner Show (CAC) on the Hippodrome du Touquet.

Joan Wragg (UK) - France - Le Touquet

The judge of the Scottish Deerhounds of the Club Breed Show will be Mrs Joan WRAGG, U.K. (Neroche Deerhounds).

I was first introduced to deerhounds by my mother-in-law, Barbara Butler and first took on an older bitch from her - Perlita of Enterkine, bred by Marjorie Bell. That was in the l960's and I celebrate 50 years in the breed in 2017.
I've exhibited, worked hounds and bred them with some success in that time, although I've never had a huge kennel. I've judged deerhounds in the UK, including Crufts and in Europe. I've served on the Deerhound Club committee and, for 10 years, was editor and designer of the Deerhound Club magazine - « The Newsletter ». I'm an honorary life member of the Deerhound Club.
For me, deerhounds are a special breed - wonderfully athletic and focused when running, they are also sensitive and sometimes stubborn. They make faithful companions and it has been a great privilege to own them - beware, they will steal your heart!

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Shows Irish Wolfhound & Scottish Deerhound only!

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