Rules of the show

Prophylaxis of rabies

Prophylaxis of rabies: follow the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture (Direction des Services Vétérinaires).

Notice to exhibitors residing abroad: presentation required at the entrance to the exhibition of a valid rabies vaccination certificate. Photocopy to send with the entry of the dog at the show.

A Veterinary Service (free of charge) will be ensured on spot, during the whole day, for filling in the dogs' passports of our British, Irish and Scandinavian friends.


The show will open as from 8a.m.
The judgements will start at 9a.m. precisely.
The organiser will not provide any cage. The owner must equip himself with lashes for circulating within the showgrownd.
In case of bad weather or if it is very hot, the owner must be able to assure a protection to his hound.

The veterinary service will be ensured by a veterinary surgeon in service who has all power to pronounce the acceptance, the refusal or the expulsion, as well at the entry than during the show of :
- dogs looking ill or presenting a skin disease ;
- dogs who are blind, deaf or crippled ;
- dogs who are monorchid, cryptorchid or presenting malformations ;
- bitches obviously pregnant, nursing or accompagnied by her puppies ;
- dangerous dogs.
There is no appeal from the decision of the veterinary service.

A certificate of the vaccination against rabies according to the rules in vigour is required for all dogs participating at the show. The control of the certificates and the sanitary examination of the dogs presented are ensured by a veterinary surgeon appointed by the Director of the Sanitary Services of the Department. This veterinary can refuse the admission of dogs for nonconformity to the sanitary conditions. The dogs presented must be in perfect health condition. The origin of each one must possibly be justified at any moment.

In case of the impossibility to open the show for major reasons, independent to the will of the organisers, the entry fees will not be refunded, considering that the organising club will have to cover the expenses of the organisation already ran.

The dogs must be the property of the exhibitor and may be presented by any person of his choice, excepted those under a sanction of exclusion from the dog shows, and those belonging to a dog association not affiliated to the F.C.I.

Only the dogs registered in a Book of origins of a country member of the F.C.I. or a country not affiliated, whose Book of origins is recognised by the F.C.I.

Will be refused:
a) the entries received after the date of closure ;
b) the entries made the day of the show ;
c) the entries made by Internet not paid ;
d) any modifications or entries in other classes intervening the day of the show, excepted the Breeder's class ;
e) the entries of puppies less than 3 months old.

The date to be taken into account for determining the age is that of the judgement.
The entering of a dog in more than one of the following classes (Open, Working, Intermediate, Champion, Veteran, Junior, Puppy and Baby) is forbidden.

Intermediate class: For the dogs aged from 15 to 24 months. This class gives the right to the C.A.C.S. in competition with the Open and the Working class.

Open class: for the dogs having reached 15 months of age minimum. This class gives the right to the C.A.C.S. in competition with the Working and Intermediate classes.

Working class: For the dogs having reached 15 months of age minimum and having obtained two qualifications « Excellent » in two tests, under 2 judges in Coursing (PVL) or on two different racing tracks in Racing (ENC). This class gives the right to the C.A.C.S. in competition with the Open class and the Intermediate class. The hounds homologated Champion de France CS can not be entered in the Open class.

Champion class: Only for the dogs having a national Champion title of the countries members of the F.C.I. and the International Champion title of the F.C.I. (specify the date of homologation) aged 15 months minimum. This class does'nt give the right to the C.A.C.S.
The hounds homologated Champion de France CS cannot be entered in the Open class.

Veteran class: For the dogs aged 8 years and above. The best veterans dogs and bitches being rated 1 Excellent may compete for the title of Best of Breed (BOB).

Junior class: For the dogs aged 9 to less than18 months. This class may be rated Excellent but does'nt give the right to the C.A.C.S.

Puppy class: For the dogs aged 6 to less than 9 months. This class does'nt give the right to a qualificative. The judge only gives a valuation of the dog (by decreasing order : Very Promising, Promising, Rather promising, Insufficient).

Baby class: For the dogs aged 4 to less than 6 months. This class does'nt give the right to a qualificative. The judge only gives a valuation of the dog (by decreasing order : Very Promising, Promising, Rather promising, Insufficient).

Breeder's group: (Class that may be made up on spot). For at least 3 to maximum 5 dogs of the same breed, without distinction of sex, already entered in an individual class, born with the same breeder but they may belong to different owners. The rating takes into account the homogeneity and will be done by a single judge on the ring of honour.

The judges perform alone under their personal responsability, they may be assisted by a secretary, a ring steward and, if necessary, an interpreter.

In each class, the judge gives the qualifications, he selects and classes the 4 best individuals rating them 1 to 4.

The judgements are without contest and final as soon as pronounced. In no case the dogs absent at the moment of the judgement will be examined later on.

Excellent: Given to a dog approaching very close to the ideal breed Standard - presented in perfect condition - achieving a harmonious picture together with a balanced temperament, having « class » and a brilliant bearing. The superiority of his qualities respecting to the breed will allow to overlook some small imperfections yet he must own the typical characteristics of his sex.

Very Good: Given to a dog well typed, balanced in his proportions – in good physical condition. Some minor faults are tolerated, but no morphological ones. This rating can only reward a quality dog.

GoodGiven to a dog having the characteristics of the breed, yet showing faults, provided they are not redhibitories.

Rather good: Given to a dog of sufficient type, without noticeable qualities, or not in physical condition.

Insufficient: Given to a dog who does'nt meet the criterion of the confirmation.

Disqualified: Should be given to a dog showing an agressif behaviour. Applies also to a dog who refuses constantly to let himself be examined by the judge. The reason why a dog receives this qualificative must be mentioned in the judge's report.

Very promising - Promising - Rather promising: Qualificatives given to the dogs of the Baby and Puppy classes.

The C.A.C.S. (Certificate of Aptitude and Conformity to the Standard) can only be given to a dog rated 1 Excellent in Open, Working or Intermediate class, provided he  is of exceptional merit (this award does'nt follow automatically the first place). 
It is the duty of S.C.C. to  ascertain that the dogs satisfy the conditions laid down for the homologation of the C.A.C.S.

If the dog rated 2 Excellent is of equivalent quality to that having obtained the C.A.C.S., he may be granted the R.C.A.C.

Any objection founded on these present Rules, excepted those concerning the judgements - being understood that for the latter ther is no appeal - should be formulated in writing within one hour of the event that led to criticism.
All the cases not foreseen in the present Rules and any contest relating to its interpretation will be judged by the Show Committee.

The following persons may be excluded temporarily or definitively from the shows or competitions organised by Société Centrale Canine, with possible extension  to the manifestations organised by the affiliated associations:
a) the exhibitors who will become guilty of facts against honour ;
b) those who will have made a false declaration ;
c) those who will have inflicted any surgery to their dog likely to cheat about its quality ;
d) those who, by their language, their writings, their action would prejudice to the success of this show or reflect on the prestige of the judges and the organising society ;
e) those who will have introduced surreptitiously a dog not entered or substituted a dog entered for another one.

The Organising Society declines any responsibility on account of theft, loss, flight, disease, death of the animals shown, bites caused by them, etc. be it for any case or any cause. The exhibitors being alone responsible within the precinct of the show for the accidents and other damages caused by their dogs as well to third persons than to themselves, the Organising Society will in no case be recognised responsible on their behalf. By the very fact of entering their dogs, the exhibitors accept definitely, without conditions nor reserves all the articles of the present Rules which they acknowledge to be acquainted with by signing the entry form.