FIWC 2018 - Illustration stand

Merchants: possibility to rent a location for the Sunday, the price is set at € 150,00 €.

•  bring along all your materiel for the stand, RALIE will not provide tables and chairs ;
•  the stand must be settled prior to 8 a.m., possibiliy to enter your vehicle to unload, then it must be parked in the parking ;
•  please indicate the space needed (m2 on the ground) ;
•  the payment must be done in advance (deadline reception 1 June), either by a bank cheque established to R.A.L.I.E., to send to the Treasurer Danielle Miguet (for French people only), either by bank transfer (for the foreigners).

IBAN: FR76 1010 7003 3000 8160 1879 776
Domiciliation: BRED VERNON

Please mention: Stand Touquet

Thank you !

If you are interested, please contact Mrs Denyse Maurer, Secretariat.